Your fast-track way to move from performing shows at local events to a career with clients that will book you nationally at $3,500 - $5,500 and more…routinely.

Does this describe you?

You are a terrific magician! You know your stuff and have performed proficiently for a number of years. You’ve made money at magic and have done a good job. But you seem to be “out of a job” at the end of every show. You spend lots of time pitching yourself to event planners, but you aren’t really making it yet. You’ve talked to other magicians, gone to all the conventions and maybe even a workshop or two. You are frustrated because you know you are capable of making it big, but you aren’t getting much traction and the information you’ve received up until now just isn’t working for you. No one seems to really know how to help you. And you don’t know where to get the help you need.

If all that sounds familiar, then our elite, personalized program is for you.

We coach you on how to attract and work for lucrative corporate business clients. We coach you and your current act to fit the needs of high-paying clients. We give you everything you need to turn your magic into a real career.

The Week Consists Of...

- 2 full days with David Hira learning his entire proven business approach and system, the very one that he developed and currently uses.

- 2 full days with theatrical director Mike Arthur to polish your act so it becomes fully "corporate show" ready.

- 2 half days of role playing, Q&A, and time with to bond with your fellow professionals.

In short, you’ll save YEARS of trial and error. You’ll be given what it would have taken you years to learn—after having spent years trying to figure it all out on your own. This is the shortcut to getting what you really want. This is what you need.

Costa Rica!

Far from your usual life and usual routine, the Hotel Rio Perlas Spa and Resort will be your home base in beautiful, tropical Costa Rica. Just get to the international airport in San José, Costa Rica. Leave it to us from there. We take care of everything else. It is all inclusive. We provide your transportation from the airport, the hotel, all of your meals and snacks at breaks. And you’ll enjoy several off-site events so that you not only learn in exciting ways but you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the land and the food and the scenery in this tropical paradise.

How Many Participants?

Because we use small, focused groups for more individualized attention, no more than six people will be involved in each major session.

When Can I Attend?

ActUP! Master Conferences are available...

Do I Need A Visa for Costa Rica?

No, just a valid Passport that is not expired....Easy!

How Much?

5 days of coaching, everything David and Mike can give—all training materials, hotel accommodations for 6 nights, all meals, snacks, field trips and special dinners, AND a special guest star midweek. This all-inclusive lineup is only $5,450. Just get to San José, Costa Rica and back on your nickel.

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Your deposit is fully refundable up to 30 days prior to the arrival date.
After that? Sorry, no refunds. However, should you have a true family emergency (death of immediate family, etc.) we will do what we can to reschedule you and apply your deposit accordingly.